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Royal Tunbridge Wells Homeowners 227% More Likely To Live in a Home with 3+ Bedrooms than those that Privately Rent

The conventional way of categorising property in Britain is to look at the number of bedrooms rather than its size in square metres (square feet for those of you over 50!). My intuition tells me that homeowners and tenants are happy to pay for more space. It’s quite obvious, the more bedrooms a house or apartment has, the bigger the property is likely to be. And it’s not only the tangible additional bedrooms, but those properties with those additional bedrooms tend to have larger (and more) reception (living) rooms. However, if you think about it, this isn’t so surprising given that properties with more bedrooms would typically accommodate more people and therefore require larger reception rooms. In todays Royal Tunbridge Wells property market, the Royal Tunbridge Wells homeowners and Royal Tunbridge Wells landlords I talk to are always asking me which attributes and features are likely to make their property comparatively more attractive and which ones may detract from the price. Over

As OAP’s set to rise to 1 in 4 of Royal Tunbridge Wells’ population by 2037 – Where are they all going to live

With constant advances in technology, medicine and lifestyles, people in the Royal Tunbridge Wells area are, on average, living longer than they might have a few decades ago. As Royal Tunbridge Wells' population ages, the problem of how the older generation are accommodated is starting to emerge. We, as a town, have to consider how we supply decent and appropriate accommodation for Royal Tunbridge Wells’ growing older generation’s accommodation needs while still offering a lifestyle that is both modern and desirable.  In 1997 in Royal Tunbridge Wells, around one in every six people (17%) were aged 65 years and over (and the local authority area as a whole), increasing to nearly one in every five people (19%) in 2017 and it is projected to reach around one in every four people (26%) by 2037, meaning.. Over the next 19 years, the growth of the over 65 population in Royal Tunbridge Wells will grow by 36.8% - a lot more than the overall growth population of Royal Tunbridge Wells of 6.1

The ‘Home Owning’ Movers and Shakers in Royal Tunbridge Wells in 2018

It’s now commonly agreed amongst economists and the general public that the dramatic rise in Royal Tunbridge Wells’ property prices of the last six years has come to an end.  Read the National newspapers, and they talk of doom and gloom in the British housing market with such things as  strained buyer affordability ( as property prices have increased over the past six years at a far faster pace than average salaries ), a lack of new properties being built and the Brexit uncertainties over the last two and half years being blamed for the slow down - yet in the last 12 months, people have still been moving, buying and selling in Royal Tunbridge Wells at levels similar to the last six years - something tells me we have a case of ‘bad news selling newspapers’. \ So instead, let me share with you what, exactly, is happening in the Royal Tunbridge Wells property market, and more specifically, who is moving and why.  Most of the sales in Royal Tunbridge Wells over the past twelve months were