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Do you need to buy something unique to give to a four-year-old girl ? Do you find yourself unsure what to get her? What could a four-year-old girl possibly want and need? Is it different from what they used to enjoy when they were three? What is different at that age? We know full well that you want to impress a five-year-old girl with the gift you will bring to her birthday or for the holidays. This list might save you from a potential gift disaster. Read on to learn a thing or two about what girls this age would enjoy. THE RIGHT GIFT FOR YOUR LITTLE ONE At four years old, kids usually begin  school  and get to meet other kids their age. They become more independent and self-confident. As she  makes more friends , your little girl is starting to understand the world around her. Do you know that your four-year-old little girl likes to keep herself busy? She is now able to play on her own, get dressed, organize her toys, and complete simple chores. A fast-growing little girl, she also e


One of the most important gifts you can give your child is the gift of knowledge . Parents today are increasingly turning to the Internet for excellent learning programs suitable for children as young as toddlers. It’s not using the computer or tablet as a babysitter, but rather, a desire to help kids become tech-savvy from an early age and to take full advantage of having the World Wide Web at our fingertips. There are plenty of points to consider when choosing an online learning tool for your child . How old are your kids? What are their academic strengths and weaknesses ? How do they learn best? Then, of course, there are the worries all parents have: Is the website safe? How much will it cost? Methodology: In our ranking of the 10 best online learning tools for kids, we took into account all of these factors and more: We considered the comprehensiveness of an online learning program based on the subject matter covered in the curriculum and any quantitative data to back up the tool

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s green-light-red-light for New York schools

Great news: Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday  gave a green light  for schools in New York to reopen in September. Hear, hear. The state’s 1 percent positive test rate for COVID-19 is well below the 5 percent threshold set by the World Health Organization. And though the city’s plan still needs the state Health Department’s OK, Mayor Bill de Blasio, to his credit, is  eyeing in-class learning  for at least part of the time. Even teachers admit that remote learning doesn’t come close to in-school instruction, and it forces adults to be home with kids, making it hard for some to work at their jobs. So cheer Cuomo’s first step. Alas, Cuomo didn’t help things by siding with teachers who don’t want to go back. “Teachers are going to have to agree to come back,” he said. “If a teacher doesn’t show up, you don’t have a class.” Well, yes. But why is Cuomo encouraging them? Besides, technically teachers are public employees , and it’s illegal for them to strike under the state’s Taylor Law. Great ne